8 Odd ball laws in popular countries every traveler should know

Traveling can be one of the most exciting things a human can do in their lifetime. Our world is filled with breathtaking views, fascinating wildlife, and food that makes your mouth water just at the mere sight of it. Today it’s become even easier and more affordable to travel the world with its unlimited offers of flights, hotels, or unique Airbnbs.

Granted, sometimes we get so excited about a trip we can forget to pack essential items. But that’s not all we forget to do before a big trip. Most of us don’t take the time to research a place, aside from the best attractions, before we go.

Before you go on your next big trip be sure to research the dos and don’ts of all your destinations. Each country has its own set of specific (and even strict) set of rules and regulations that should be followed and respected by all those who wish to travel there.

Don’t believe us? Here are 8  strange laws to be aware of while traveling. You may just be surprised at what you learn.

1. South Africa

If you want to go to one of the many gorgeous beaches in South Africa make sure you look into their rules before visiting. For example, one law requires young people in bathing suits to sit at least 12 inches apart. It is in fact illegal to sit less than 12 inches apart and this law was made before Corona!


2. Ukraine

If you like to smoke and drink in public you should stay away from Ukraine. In fact, it is illegal to smoke or drink anywhere in public at any time! This even includes drinking or smoking at the park or any sporting event.


3. Bulgaria

In Bulgaria they take their highway safety quite seriously. If you are driving a car in this country you are required by law to have a reflective triangle, spare tire, and fire extinguisher in the car at all times. We are sure this law comes in handy more often than not.


4. Switzerland

Switzerland has some of the most magnificent views that people travel to from all over the world. Just to sit and stare at the magnificence. But make sure to maintain peace and quiet especially while skiing. In Switzerland, it is in fact illegal to recite poetry while skiing.


5. Norway

In Norway, if you are challenged to a fistfight to the death you have two choices: either accept or pay four deer in exchange for turning down the challenge. Interesting exchange for simply refusing a challenge. But don’t worry if you aren’t ready for hand combat to the death or don’t know the first thing about acquiring four deer this law hasn’t been enforced for years.


6. Germany

Have you ever wished for a highway with no speeding laws? Well, Germany is the place for you. On the Autobahn they do not enforce any speed limits on the drivers. However, there are still rules. One of them being that it is illegal to stop on the Autobahn for any reason whatsoever even if you run out of gas!


7. Italy

So many people have visited Italy that many Italian destinations have now put laws in place to manage over-tourism. One of those Italian destinations being Rome who has implemented regulations that prohibit sitting on the Spanish Steps, eating in public, or even sightseeing while shirtless. So if you plan on traveling to Italy remember when in Rome do not sit on the Spanish Steps, avoid eating in public and keep your shirt on.


8. The Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic the age of sexual consent is 18 years old with no close-in-age exemption. So if you are an 18-year-old visiting a 17-year-old there you could potentially be arrested and prosecuted for a tryst. Specifically, prosecution for statutory rape or the equivalent local law. This is definitely a law that all should be made aware of before visiting the Dominican Republic.

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