8 nostalgic photos that trigger a rush of good memories


There’s just something about seeing an old notebook or watching an old cartoon that brings back memories of the past. Not only does it incite a nostalgic feeling inside of us, but it reminds us of the fun memories we had with our friends and family.

Whether it can be an old stereo your grandpa used to own or a toy you and your friends used to play with, these things will trigger a rush of memories of the good times you had.

Luckily, we gathered 8 nostalgic photos that will trigger a rush of memories of the good times.

These things may no longer be relevant today, but when you see them it will invoke flashbacks of fond memories.


1. Pencils with cartridges

These pencils were one of the coolest things you have in your pencil case. So long as you don’t lose one of the cartridges! If you lose one it’s unusable. Unless you want to turn one of the cartridges and shooting it one by one at your classmates!


2. Old video iPod

Remember the time you saved all your favorite episodes on your iPod? You can carry it with you and watch your most favorite shows without any hassle!


3. Spy kids 3D glasses

You wouldn’t watch a single movie without these 3D glasses. Even in cinemas you bought one and carried it with you! Perhaps you even brought one in school just to look cool.


4. Memorex cassette tapes

Mixtapes were your way of showing your love for your crush. Or remember the time you prepared one for a long trip? Instead of Apple Music, you have these mixtapes.


5. Alarm clocks

If you hit the wrong button it plays a loud fuzzy talk radio station that will scare you. Your dad may have even one until today.


6. Adorable cherries and bottle doll

This doll always smelled like cherries. It’s amazing how the liquid disappeared whenever you feed the baby and when you scooped those cherries from the bottle.


7. Glass cabinets

Every time you want to watch a new movie, you will need to push the glass doors of your cabinet to open the doors. Pretty cool, right? Instead of sliding doors, you have a pushable ’90s TV cabinet.


8. Teenage ninja turtles wallet

Teenage ninja turtles wallet were the popular thing back then. These were so popular that you are considered cool when you have one.

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