75 Hilarious Photos Giving People The Perfect Glimpse At Parenthood

There’s probably no tougher job in the world than being a parent. Like everything else in life, parenting also has its good and bad sides. The ups and downs of parenthood make it an exciting and often exhausting journey with an uncertain end.

But what happens when kids create amusing and disastrous situations their parents don’t quite know how to handle? It may be something as innocent as your little girl wanting you to wear hair-bows with her or a boy who decides to repaint the wall while you’re not looking.

This is what happens when kids get the better of their parents and take their imagination a bit too far.

Here are 75 hilarious photos that give a glimpse at parenthood.

1. Who doesn’t like pink?


Source: Bored Panda
There’s probably nothing he wouldn’t do for his little girl, even if it means eating together at her play table. But he looks really cool about it, though a bit uncomfortable with his legs folded like that.

2. Daddy’s new hairdresser


Every dad’s dream is to have his little girl do his hair. Fortunately, nothing went wrong in this dad’s case and they look lovely together.

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