7 Mesmerizing Children Who Could Charm Even The Wicked Witch Of The West

Did you know that there are some people and children so adorable and so charming that they could melt the coldest of hearts?

These 8 photos of children could definitely charm the Wicked Witch of the West enough to abandon her evil ways and live a kinder life!

1. Gentle Leader

Source: Anastasiya Gepp Pexels

This adorable girl will use her gentle personality to lead. And she’ll use that same gentleness to win over the witch. Because who will be able to resist her?

2. Can’t Mess With Her

Source: Pinterest

She may be adorable and charming but she’s also fierce. Don’t ever mess with her, not even if you’re the Wicked Witch of the West.

3. Dazzling Eyes

Oh, who could resist those eyes and that smile? It can melt anyone’s cold heart, including the witch.

4. Tussle With Leaves

She’s not afraid to get down and dirty. And that’s something the witch can respect.


5. The Floral Queen

Floral Queen meets Wicked Witch. Will the Queen captivate the Witch?

6. Make Peace, Not War

This charming little girl offers a flower to the wicked witch as a sign of peace. Who could ever resist a flower offered to you?

7. Lotso Hugs

This little lady will win you over with her beautiful smile and her warm hugs. Would you like a hug?

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