60 Accidental Photobombs Where The Background Became The Star

Have you ever taken a photo and looked at it later only to realize there was something insane going on in the background that you had no idea about? That is what happened to these people. Unbeknownst to them at the time, the images they captured ended up being surprisingly hilarious.

We’ve chosen 60 of the funniest ones we could find to share with you today. From a man trapped in a lifejacket to a photobombing horse getting in the shot, to a couple of cows getting it on, you never know what’s going to happen behind your back when you aren’t looking. After all, these individuals certainly didn’t.


1. Walking Underwater

Source: sloppyFarts
The little girl has no idea about the aquatic wall art behind her. She is casually walking along. Meanwhile, it looks like a hungry dolphin is about to eat her.


2. Super Quiet Neighbors

At first we were wondering why the neighbors were so quiet. Then we looked at the background of the photo and noticed that there was a cemetery located next to the house. That certainly explains it.

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