48 examples of plastic surgery going a step too far

Those people who are not happy and contented with some parts of their bodies tend to go for cosmetic surgery. And this is the reason why this continues to be a billion-dollar industry. Because who doesn’t want to look better? However, what others think as “looking better” isn’t what most people expect to see.

Some have certainly gone beyond what is normal, such as having overdone fillers making their lips too pouty. There also some who have gone for ab implants looking quite unreal. Also, there are popular nose jobs to achieve that feature of Michael Jackson, but they ended up getting very tiny nostrils making it hard for them to breathe.

If you are planning to get your own surgery, then consider these cosmetic surgeries gone wrong. You might just think twice about going under the knife before you regret it forever. You will certainly be shocked by these results from 48 individuals.

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