40 reasons why we all relate to the ‘Dude With a Sign’

Dude With a Sign has taken the internet by storm. He’s a dude who posts pictures of himself on Instagram holding a sign with various phrases that basically say what we’re all thinking. He has 7 million followers on Instagram.

The account was started in October 2019 by Seth Phillips, a content creator for What Do You Meme and @f*ckjerry and Elliot Tebele, the founder of Jerry Media. They took a photo of Seth holding up a sign in SoHo, NYC and Dude With a Sign was born. The photos was supposed to just be shared on Tebele’s Instagram account.

But when they did a second post, it started growing interest and they decided to create an account dedicated to Seth’s sign protests. Now people line up and wait for Seth to show up with his sign.

“The corner usually fills up with people within minutes, and everyone has their phones out,” Phillips told Forbes via email. “When I’m finished, a lot of people will ask to take pictures with me or videos, which is still something to get used to. It’s a very strange feeling, but it also kind of cracks me up that people are seeing me as a famous person for holding up cardboard signs.”

Here are 40 reasons why the ‘Dude With a Sign’ is our hero:

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