30 Funny And Confusing Pics Posted By The “Images That Require More Context” Twitter Page

Context—it’s all those teeny tiny yet utterly important bits of background information that help us make sense of the world, one story, one photo at a time. Without context, everything would be a random, chaotic mess that wouldn’t make any sense. Without it, there would be no intriguing stories—only bizarre snapshots that make us confused and open up the door to hundreds of conflicting interpretations.

Fortunately, situations without context also make for excellent meme and joke material. And the ‘Images That Require More Context’ Twitter page does exactly what it says on the tin and is dedicated entirely to showing everyone weird, confusing, and humorous photos that desperately need some proper context. Just a bit of additional info, pretty please?

Have a look through some of the most wonderfully bizarre photos below, upvote the ones that you liked the most, and if you like what you see, go on and give the Twitter page a follow! Oh, and if you’ve got some pics in the spirit of this list, consider sharing them in the comment section, dear Pandas. Ready to dive deep into the Land of no Context? I know I am.



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