12 Non-famous people whose looks get them mistaken for celebrities all the time

With nearly eight billion people in the world, there are bound to be a few look-alikes. And when those look-alikes happen to resemble celebrities, it can be pretty shocking. Some doppelgangers are so similar, in fact, that it’s easier to believe that they are actually the same person, just living a double life. If you want to see a few of these incredible celebrity look-alikes then check out this list of 8 non-famous people whose looks get them mistaken for celebrities all the time, and be sure to share it with a friend!


1. Ask him to narrate something

Somewhere in Eastern Europe, there’s a security guard who looks almost exactly like Morgan Freeman. Or maybe this is Morgan Freeman and now we all know what he does in his spare time

2. On a flight with a mad scientist

If you’ve never seen the movie Jurassic Park, let me cut to the chase for you: this guy looks exactly like the one who built Jurassic Park. Hopefully, this flight isn’t going to a tropical island.

3. Apparently, this is a frequent problem.

This poor man looks so much like presidential candidate Bernie Sanders that he wears a special sweatshirt so people won’t bother him. How many times did that have to happen before people got it?

4. The resemblance is uncanny

Look, it’s Jon Snow, another face that’s recognized all over the world thanks to the popularity of Game of Thrones! Nope, it’s just a Jon Snow doppelganger with some seriously amazing curls.

5. Michael Scott got a nose job

This man has a slightly more prominent nose than Steve Carrell does, but there’s still no denying a similarity. Should we ask him to yell, “I declare bankruptcy”?

6. She looks like she wants to build a park

Sometimes, people share just a couple of distinguishing features that make them look like a celebrity. This Super Lawyer looks very similar to Pawnee’s Parks and Recreations deputy director, Leslie Knope — also known as actress Amy Poehler.

7. Off-brand Michael Scott

This man looks like a discounted version of Steve Carell, sold by a store brand. I don’t know what store it would be, but whatever it was, this is what it would sell.

8. After “The Revenant,” he changed careers

This man is heavier and his hair is a bit different, but he still has a definitive Leonardo DiCaprio look about him. Maybe it would be easier to see the resemblance if he was holding a coveted Oscar?

9. She’s the spitting image!

Sure, you might not know her name (spoiler alert: it’s just Granny), but she was probably a part of your childhood. I just wish this lady had a tiny little bird in a cage for full authenticity.


10. Can I call you Lisa?

Okay, she might not technically be a celebrity, but if you count the art world, she definitely is. The Mona Lisa is quite possibly the most famous art figure of all time, so it’s no wonder that this lady makes you do a double-take.

10. Why fly when you have a space car?

You might not notice it at first glance, but if you take a second look, you might see that this guy looks just a little bit like eccentric tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.

11. Complete with the Wolverine look

This man looks like Hugh Jackman and he knows it. To prove it, he’s going to throw together this unique style so that no one doubts it. He probably doesn’t have blades in his fingers, though.


12. Don’t sing or he’ll say something mean

This guy is innocently lounging at a table, but there’s no denying he looks just like talent scout and TV show judge Simon Cowell. There’s only one way to find out the truth: sing loud and proud. If he says something mean, it’s him!


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