12 Extremely Specific Things That You Could Always Find At Grandma’s House

Grandmas are the best. They often spoil us and give us stuff that our parents wouldn’t normally buy us. They make the best meals and they can be pretty hilarious too, especially with the things that they say or the things that they do.

But perhaps the funniest thing about grandmas are the extremely specific things that we find at their house. It’s like walking into a time machine on our every visit since chances are, every item brings back tons of good memories.

So, here are 12 things that every grandma on Earth has or had inside their home.

1. A cabinet full of things you could NEVER touch:

Source: Twitter/@iamricodazEvery grandma’s house isn’t complete without a cabinet-full of porcelain and glass teacups and plates that no one ever uses. They see it more of a decoration, not as kitchenware. 


2. Plastic-covered couches:

Source: Twitter/@pazesez

Grandmas don’t like having messy and dusty furniture, so their solution is by covering it with plastic covers. Those cushions may look comfortable, but it really isn’t.


3. A tin of cookies that was NEVER FULL OF COOKIES

Source: oursewingpattern.blogspot.com

This one is an ultimate classic. There’s never more frustrating as a kid growing up when you saw a tin can of cookies and expect yummy treats inside. But as soon as you open it, you get excited for nothing since it’s just a bunch of sewing supplies.


4. Little fruits all over the fridge:

Source: Twitter/@thascourtney

Grandma’s fridge always has delicious leftover food so we often would go straight to the kitchen whenever we visit her. Growing up, you’d probably see these fruit magnets on her refrigerator door and play with it.


5. Bird clock

Source: ebay

Time flies when you’re having fun, but it seems that time has stopped moving with this bird wall clock that every grandma has. We normally see this in the kitchen or maybe in the living room, but we don’t really remember if it was really working or not.


6. A ceramic Christmas tree

Source: Reddit/u/pvtjoker3567

Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than by bringing this classic ceramic tree. Every grandma probably had or has this, but they sometimes use it as a decoration for the whole year.



7. Grandma’s casserole dish

Source: Reddit/u/StonersAndBoners

Nothing tastes better than grandma’s dishes and they’ve often served your favorite meal on this classic casserole dish. Almost all grandmas use this exact bowl and it’s fascinating to think that a lot of authentic dishes from different backgrounds were made on it.



8. A really old wooden TV

Source: Twitter/@DiddyTheBoy

This old tv probably doesn’t work anymore, but we always saw this at grandma’s house back when we were kids. It’s sometimes stored in the living room or in the garage, but some use it as a pedestal for a larger, more modern tv.


9. Werther’s candy

Source: Twitter/@SenpaiBeanpie

Our parents don’t like us drinking coffee growing up, but we had our curiosity fulfilled by these caramel coffee candies whenever we’re at grandma’s house. These sweet treats are often just lying around on a coffee table or kitchen counter.


10. Couch staple

Source: Reddit/u/TrumpwonHilDawgLost

And who could forget these classic nap trap couches found in every grandma’s home? If you can’t sleep in those plastic-covered couches, then these super comfy cushions will make your afternoon naps 10 times better.


11. Strawberry hard candies

Source: Twitter/@OG_Willy60

If you don’t like the taste of coffee candy, don’t worry because there’s another sweet treat sitting somewhere in grandma’s house. Just don’t go overboard with these strawberry candies if you don’t want to wake up with a toothache.


12. And finally, Grandma waving goodbye like this

Source: Twitter/@msomijoe

After a day of having fun over at grandma’s house, it’s finally time to say goodbye. They would often say goodbye and wait until we’re out of sight by the door – and there’s nothing heartwarming than this.


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