10 Lazy People Who Came Up With Brilliant Ways To Keep Their Lazy Lifestyle

Nobody likes to be called lazy but some people will go out of their way to do as little work as possible. Lazy people can be pretty ingenious when it comes to finding new ways to keep their lazy lifestyle. We can all be lazy from time to time but these folks have taken laziness to a whole new level and you won’t believe the lengths they are prepared to go to just to avoid pulling their weight.

Just sit back, relax, and take a look at this list of 10 people who will do just about anything to avoid leaving their comfort zone.


1. The new faster and easier way to watch videos from the comfort of your bed


Source: Reddit
You probably know how annoying it can be when you have to get out of bed just to grab your phone? Well, this kid has come up with a brilliant new method to watch a video on his phone without even having to lift a finger to touch it.


2. A parasite bird

Source: Reddit
You were wrong if you thought that only humans can be lazy. This bird was obviously too lazy to fly on its own so why not simply use another avian to do it instead?

3. When you save money on manicures


Source: Bored Panda
Doing nails can be incredibly tedious, not to mention expensive if you often visit your nail salon. Here is the ideal and easy solution to both your problems.

4. The smarter way to adjust your clock


Source: Madfruit.co.uk
Just because an idea is simple doesn’t mean it can’t be brilliant at the same time. Whoever thought of this one deserves an award for his (lack) of effort.


5. Time to find a new roomate


Source: Bored Panda
This image screams: I’m so lazy I can’t be bothered to replace a toilet paper roll, even if it takes a minute to change it. We bet you wouldn’t want the guy who did this as your roomate.

6. There’s a better way to eat cereals


Source: Bored Panda
If you’re not a morning, preparing breakfast each morning can be very annoying and time-consuming. But no longer. You don’t need to use bowls for cereals ever again, thanks to this lazy guy’s brilliant invention.


7. Multitasking


Source: Bored Panda
While some people call this lazy, we call it creative. From now on, whenever you feel like you need a snack while you’re at your laptop, you’ll know what to do.

8. Best friends forever


Source: Bored Panda
Don’t you love how different animal species support each other? This woodpecker is doing a favor to his lazy weasel friend. That’s how a true friendship should look like.

9. Lazy burger


Source: Bored Panda
Those times when you had to eat using your hands are long gone. You can now eat and have your hands free to do whatever you want. Or do nothing at all.

10. Lazy people hate toilet paper holders

Source: Reddit

Toilet-roll holders are a thing of the past. If you disagree you can put the toilet paper on the roll yourself.

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