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    40 People You’ll Be Thankful Aren’t Your Neighbors

    If you live next to someone who’s kind and understanding, consider yourself lucky. These days, it’s hard to find neighbors who actually care about the people they live next to. You are more likely to find people who are inconsiderate, insensitive, and rude. Here are 40 examples of neighbors you’re lucky not to live next […] More

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    55 Examples Of People Sharing Their Worst Awkward Moment

    Have you ever been going about your day and everything is going normal and then out of nowhere you create a situation that is so painfully awkward? We have and it is the worst! We know that we all just want to sink inside yourself and disappear from the situation but most times cannot leave. […] More

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    50 messed up jokes ending with shame

    It’s called a whoosh. When a joke goes so far over someone’s head that the sound can be physically heard. And it sounds like: “Whoosh.” Or at least that’s what they’re saying on Reddit. There’s a whole section dedicated to Internet documented whooshes. And they’re hilarious. A lot of people out there just really don’t […] More

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    50 hilarious tinder profiles that helped people get some

    Online dating is not for the faint of heart. But Tinder is a whole different story. Tinder profiles get real crazy. People really let their freak flags fly. Sometimes with displays of their blatant sexuality. And others with brutal honesty. Either way, it’s pretty good for a laugh. Or to be horrified by. Or to […] More

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    40 reasons why we all relate to the ‘Dude With a Sign’

    Dude With a Sign has taken the internet by storm. He’s a dude who posts pictures of himself on Instagram holding a sign with various phrases that basically say what we’re all thinking. He has 7 million followers on Instagram. The account was started in October 2019 by Seth Phillips, a content creator for What […] More

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    30 soldiers cutting loose on their day off

    Being a soldier is tough. Apart from being away from their families, soldiers also have to risk their lives just to keep everyone in the country safe. They have to miss important family celebrations and even their children’s milestones. At times, they may need to stop talking to their loved ones while they are away […] More

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